Patrons-only Vlogs Now Available to $2 Patrons

Ever since introducing the exclusive vlogs to my patrons last February, my Patreon campaign has seen some nice growth in not only the number of patrons I've brought onboard, but especially the overall amount in pledges. For just $5 a month, patrons could enjoy exclusive vlogs and a sneak peek into my weekly routine.

Needless to say, going this route has made everyone happy — well, almost everyone.

Listen, I understand $5/month can be a lot to ask for. We all have different lifestyles and priorities, so it's perfectly understandable when someone comes to me and says something like, "David, I love your content, but I just can't afford to become a patron."

Well, I want to do something about that.

I am excited to announce the biggest addition to my Patreon campaign in quite a while. As of today, patrons are now able to pledge just $2/month, enabling them to watch the first of four exclusive vlogs every month. This is a great way to enjoy a portion of my exclusive vlogs, while not feeling entirely left out.

And of course, if you like what you see and you're feeling generous, then upgrading your pledge to $5/month will grant you instant access to the rest of my exclusive vlogs. The current vlog count is already at 70, with plenty more on the way.

How does this work, exactly? It's simple. The first Friday of the month is when $2 patrons will be able to access their exclusive vlog. For example, next Friday just happens to be the first day of July. If you pledge $2 before or after then, you will be able to watch that specific vlog — as well as any other vlogs that are released on the first Friday in future months.

Currently, the schedule for exclusive vlogs accessible by $2 patrons throughout the rest of 2016 looks like this:

July 1, August 5, September 2, October 7, November 3, December 2

So, are you interested in learning more? For a preview of what my exclusive vlogs have to offer, check out a trailer that I put together, right below.

This is a big change to my Patreon campaign, so I cannot wait to see the outcome. I'm always available to answer any questions that may come up, so feel free to contact me. Thank you so much for your support!

David Di Franco

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