The #AskDavid Podcast: Now Live on iTunes, Google Play Music & More!

You've heard me talk about it quite often in my videos lately, and it's finally here. The #AskDavid Podcast has officially gone live across four major platforms! Please feel free to subscribe here: iTunes | Google Play Music | StitcherSoundCloud

So, what is The #AskDavid Podcast, exactly? In short, it's a podcast that is entirely focused around answering your questions relating to entrepreneurship, running an online business, and so much more. Let's face it, I have learned quite a bit over the years. It's time I share that knowledge with my audience. This is my chance to give back in an entirely different way — podcasting.

If your question has to do with finding success through the means of productivity and exploring methodical techniques, then I want to hear from you! You can send your audio questions (yes, audio only) to the following email:

Every question that I receive is saved on my iCloud drive, that way I have the convenience of accessing it from wherever I am. And because The #AskDavid Podcast will always be recorded using either my iPhone or iPad, this means that you can count on receiving new episodes on a regular basis.

How regular, you might ask? Well, that's entirely up to you. It's up to you to make this podcast happen. Keep on sending in those questions! I'm excited to connect with everyone.

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