About Me

Video Creator

Creating YouTube videos is what I am often known for. Uploading since 2006, video topics can often vary, but most of my attention is focused on family vlogs, tech reviews and product unboxings.

Live Streamer

You can often find me streaming live on Twitch and interacting with the chat room. From gameplay walkthroughs to Q&A sessions, I am usually live four days out of the week.

Brand INfluencer

Having worked with a variety of brands in recent years, I have plenty of experience as an influencer. This experience has enabled me to promote and partner with numerous high-profile companies.

Affiliate Marketer

With years of experience as an affiliate, it’s great having the opportunity to market specific products and services in return for earning commission. It’s easier than you may think!

Creative Designer

A significant portion of my workflow involves graphic design, web design and photography. I am well-versed in a variety of creative applications and platforms, such as Photoshop and WordPress.