Creative Portfolio

Website DESIGN

Whether it’s for clientele or myself, designing websites is something I am very passionate about. Feel free to explore two of my primary websites below. Di Franco Media focuses on promoting my creative services, including graphic design and brand development — while the other is a website dedicated to sharing exclusive content that is published via my Patreon campaign.

Video Production

From editing videos to streaming live on Twitch, my week typically consists of being in front of a camera — and I love it. Having the opportunity to entertain an audience is important to me, especially if it means expanding my brand in the process. Below you can explore my YouTube channel and Twitch — where you can often find me live four days out of the week.

Social Photography

Having some sort of social media presence is a must these days, especially if you want to be taken seriously as a brand — and my personal brand is no exception. The following are a collection of my Instagram photos that best represent myself as a content creator. My posts can range from first impressions of new tech to sharing behind-the-scenes looks at how I create my content.